Focusing on global hotel distribution, we put our customers at the center, providing stable inventory prices, efficient API delivery and 24/7 professional customer service. We are committed to creating business value for our customers and believe that customer satisfaction is our success.
Global Hotel Coverage
We cooperate with major suppliers, relying on the founder's many years of cruise ship business background, rich tourism resources and more local agencies directly signed hotels, to build a wide range of hotel cooperation network, to provide partners with superior cost-effective global hotel accommodation resources.
Efficient Data Integration
With Harbor TechSupport, real-time standardized API connectivity provides professional technical support and custom development to make it easy for partners to access and manage large amounts of hotel data.
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  • B2B/B2C Clients worldwide
High standard data service
  • Data security guarantee
    Through strong identity authentication, data encryption, access monitoring and auditing, and continuous system updates, we ensure that data security is fully guaranteed under the API docking mode, providing partners with a secure and reliable data exchange environment
  • Data quality assurance
    With Harbor DataHub, provide data standardization and integration solutions to quickly integrate and update data, solve the problem of global hotel data from diverse sources and inconsistent formats, and ensure that partners receive accurate and high-quality hotel information.
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    Flexible Collaboration
    Work closely together to provide personalized solutions to meet the needs of partners and explore the most suitable way to cooperate.
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